Matr1x is committed to building a Next-Gen Web3 entertainment platform combined with co-creators and strong execution capability, presenting a future world of cyberpunk through multi-episode games. The first episode to be launched in 3-4Q23 is a high-quality FPS game, Matr1x FIRE, supporting both PC and mobile. Subsequent episodes (MMORPG/SOC) are also under development. Our teammates have an average of over 8 years of experience in game industry, fintech etc. All Matr1x’s founder team have had experience in world-class gaming companies, engaging in the development and launching of over 10 mega games with a total project flow of over 3 billion USD and active users of around 100 million. The team also has product launch experiences on the global market. Currently, the team is located in South Korea, Japan, the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Matr1x has raised about 10 million USD, receiving financing from Hana Financial Investment (Korea’s second largest financial group), Hashkey Capital (early-stage investors of ETH), Amber Group, Seven X, and other well-known venture capitals.

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